Program Overview

The University of Illinois’ Accountancy Ph.D. program involves a full-time integrated program of coursework and research. Accountancy Ph.D. students also generally receive two semesters of teaching experience. A faculty mentor together with the Director of the Ph.D. program will meet with incoming students to determine customized course plans, including the option of early registration in the summer to secure any necessary math, economics, or accounting background courses.

Coursework during the program prepares students for a career marked by quality research. While an in-depth understanding of the accounting environment is necessary for identifying accounting questions and problems that are interesting from a research standpoint, the underlying theories and research tools frequently originate from source disciplines such as economics, finance, psychology, and statistics. Thus, the Ph.D. program is designed to provide you with a blend of accounting and source discipline courses. Moreover, the program incorporates many electives providing students the flexibility to support their specialized research interests.

Program requirements ensure that students start performing research-related activities early in the program. Moreover, a point of emphasis is the development of co-authored projects among doctoral students and faculty members.  Our current group of Illinois doctoral students and faculty members have about 20 co-authored research papers. Many of these papers are targeted to the top accounting journals in our field. Moreover, many faculty-student collaborations from our recent graduates are published in these top accounting journals. To facilitate and enhance our collaborative environment, we offer many platforms where students can present their working papers and ideas to the faculty and other doctoral students and receive helpful comments.

The culmination of the program is a dissertation. The dissertation provides students the opportunity to develop an original research paper that contributes to the accounting literature. Over the past ten years, over 80 percent of our admitted students complete the entire program, most of which in five years.