Faculty Resources

This website is particularly designed for those College of Business instructors who are teaching online for the first time. The purpose of this website is to familiarize instructors with the online teaching environment as well as the process of designing and developing your own course.

The eLearning office at the College of Business offers 3 types of collaborations between instructors and eLearning specialists.


Degree of Integration Course Type Characteristics eLearning Staff Support
Low On-campus courses Using Learning Management System (i.e. Compass, Moodle) to store course materials (i.e.  reading materials, videos) Minimal: help upon request
Medium Blended learning courses Delivering some part of the course content via LMS. This involves substituting for assessment and activities that used to be done face-to-face. Intermediate: consultation for instructional design
High Fully online courses All student-instructor and student-student interaction take place in the online environment. There are no face-to-face meetings. High: Faculty training, consultation for instructional design, course development support, and evaluation strategies