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The Digital Media Team in the Office of eLearning produces a wide range of video content that supports teaching and learning in online and hybrid courses, recruitment, promotion and archiving of major College events. The main thrust over the past two years has been creating online media for our Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs. MOOC media content is one of the core building blocks of the successful iMBA and iMSA programs.


Instructor view in Studio 1 – the live teaching room.

To accomplish this, the Digital Media Team works in three studios – a “Green Screen” studio and two “Live Session” rooms. The Green Screen studio is a TV-style studio with three cameras, lights and varied sets to support lectures, talk show-style interviews, webinars and other creative shoots. The Live Session studios facilitate synchronous teaching opportunities and “chalk talk” recordings. Additional video recording takes full advantage of the public spaces in the beautiful Business Instructional Facility (BIF). The atrium-videoAtrium Commons is often referred to as “Studio 4”. Lastly, the Digital Media Team often work on location with broadcast and cinema quality equipment to capture instructors interacting with real-world settings.

The Digital Media Team, in conjunction with the Instructional Design team, are on the leading edge of online course materials and innovative student experiences. The following sections show demos of the type of videos produced in 2016-2017 for different educational and institutional purposes: Online Lessons (Video Lectures); Live Sessions; Weekly Updates and Promotional.

Online Lessons

Online lessons, or video lectures, represent the bulk of the media-based content provided to students. These online videos are available on-demand and at anytime to students from all over the world. Often the videos are downloadable enabling the learner to work with the media at their convenience – finding time to “go to class” within their busy schedules. The Digital Media Team helps to create videos on-location, as well as in studio, to enhance students’ learning experience.

The following examples demonstrate the many new opportunities the eLearning video producers have thanks to new studios, quality equipment and College support for innovative media approaches.

Live Sessions

Live Sessions are at the center of our truly interactive online teaching and learning. Here instructors and students meet together online with full audio and video presence for all participants. The weekly sessions currently average 100 students per class meeting. This session is offered twice to support global time differences.

Ih the Live Sessions, students directly communicate with the instructor and their peers face-to-face via video. The instructors have cutting edge tools at their disposal including digital whiteboards, multiple presentation screens, and also the human support of a teaching assistant in the broadcast room, three assistants outside the studio monitoring the communication traffic in the background, and a video director switching multiple cameras and computer inputs that create the visual experience for the students. The instructor teaches and does not have to worry about running the technology.

Weekly Update

Instructors provide a brief video each week that acts as a housekeeping update – what’s new, what’s due, and answers to questions that may have arisen between Live Sessions. Along with the housekeeping information, instructors often provide a glimpse into campus and community life in Urbana-Champaign. This is another way the Illinois experience is brought to the students from around the world.

Promotional, Outreach, Recruitment

Much of the outreach of the College of Business is now in video. By leveraging the equipment and videographer talent of the eLearning Digital Media Team, the College’s outward facing video has dramatically increased in both quality and quantity.

For further information about the College of Business’ digital media efforts please contact John Tubbs, Digital Media Manager at tubbs@illinois.edu.

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