Most Illinois Finance Ph.D. graduates take positions at U.S. universities. Placement into such positions is facilitated by the students’ advisors. In addition, some graduates take positions in the financial services industry or consulting, and some international students take academic positions in their home countries.

Over the past five years 85% of admitted students have graduated with 100% of those graduates finding employment within 3 months of graduation. Approximately 80% of job placements are in academia and 20% in industry. Finance Ph.D. graduates have taken positions at universities such as Case Western Business School, The University of Hong Kong, University of New South Wales, Boston College, University of Connecticut, Kentucky’s Gratton School of Business, University of Warwick, Peking University, Notre Dame, George Washington University, and Renmin University of China. Industry positions have included Millennium Partners, Deutsche Asset Management, Jacobs Levy Equity Management, Banco Centraldo Brasil, and JP Morgan Chase.