The Department of Finance runs three research seminar series.

The Bailey Research Seminar consists primarily of invited speakers from other universities, plus some seminars presented by UIUC faculty members. These seminars expose students to the most current finance research in a wide range of areas.

The Lunch Time Research Seminar consists primarily of informal talks by Finance PhD students about their current research, along with some talks by faculty members. These provide students an opportunity to receive feedback on their research from both their fellow students and from faculty members, in addition to their advisor or members of their dissertation committee. These seminars also give students an opportunity to learn how to effectively present their ideas in a professional setting.

The Center for Business and Public Policy Seminar covers a variety of business and public policy topics presented by scholars on subjects of interest to faculty and students.  These presentations occur roughly once a week during the academic year.

The Research Seminar invites speakers from around the country and the globe to visit UIUC campus and present their research for an audience of faculty and interested students. These presentations are scheduled during available times throughout the year.

In addition to these seminars, the Economics Department runs seminar series in a number of different fields.