Purchasing Equipment

Please contact Information Technology Partners @ Gies at helpdesk@business.illinois.edu before purchasing any electronic equipment for use on University property or in conjunction with University systems. This will help to avoid installation issues and minimize problems and support issues related to technology. If you are considering changing the operating system of your computer, we require experience with an operating system before its installation in our work environment as resources to train an individual on using a different operating system are not available. Loaner systems are available to familiarize yourself with a different OS if you are thinking about requesting a different operating system.

OS Support


Information Technology Partners @ Gies fully supports Windows PCs running Windows.


Macs are supported as possible. Information Technology Partners @ Gies will help to support the hardware, OS availability, MS Office, MS Lync, file access and OS security patching. All other software and Mac issues are supported on a per case basis. Please contact the help desk (helpdesk@business.illinois.edu) before making your purchase.

Security Rules

Information Technology Partners @ Gies is responsible for the physical network in the buildings used by the College of Business. As such any physical computer causing problems on the network may be taken off the network, powered down or physically confiscated in the event such is legally warranted. In order to use the network a computer must have its MAC address recorded, be fully patched, and have endpoint management software installed on it allowing the machine to be patched with the latest security patches.