Am I eligible for an Illinois MSF?

If you are an accomplished professional considering a return to graduate school for advanced education in finance, consider the University of Illinois for our three-semester MSF program. Students in the MSF program have a variety of educational backgrounds and work experience.

Many students in the program have a business-related undergraduate degree but the program also attracts people with undergraduate degrees in such areas as engineering, math, physics, and computer science.

Work experience is highly recommended though not an absolute requirement; however, on average, MSF students have two years of post-undergraduate work experience, many in finance-related positions.

Admitted students with considerable experience in Finance may elect to complete their studies in two semesters (fall/spring) with the approval of the Program Director. Criteria for approval includes, but is not limited to, academic qualifications, work experience, GMAT/GRE scores, and communications skills. As the MSF program is designed to be completed in three semesters, the two semester option will be offered only after careful consideration by all parties.

MSF Enrolled Student Profile, Fall 2018
Average Undergraduate GPA 3.4/4
Average GMAT 686
Average GRE total 317
Average GRE V 152
Average GRE Q 165
Average TOEFL 102
Average Age 23
Women 50%
Men 50%
Diversity 12 countries
Average months of full-time experience 22


If you are considering a general management education, we recommend the University of Illinois MBA Program. Within that program you can take finance classes, many of which are the same courses and are taught by the same instructors as those available in the MSF program.