FAQ: Career Services

What are some of the jobs that MSF graduates are doing today?
Students join our MSF program to further their current finance career or to change to a career in finance. Our graduates have found great career opportunities in the job market. Please see the Journal of Finance for more details.
Which employers come to campus to recruit?
Many reputable firms come to the U of I campus to recruit MSF students. These recruiters attend job fairs, hold company presentations, and schedule interviews. Please visit the MSF career services website for a complete list of such companies.
What is the average starting salary for MSF graduates?
Salaries for positions vary greatly based on the industry, country of employment, and work experiences of the individual prior to admission to the program. These factors make it difficult to report a fair salary figure. For those graduates working in the United States, an average salary of $63,000 was reported excluding bonus and incentive compensation, which in some cases makes up the majority of annual compensation.
How do MSF graduates find their jobs?
MSF graduates find their jobs through a variety of tools including networking, on-campus recruitment, jobs postings, headhunters, and individual contacts.
What will I need to do in order to participate in Career Services?
To ensure that students are ready to compete for career opportunities during on-campus recruitment in September, intensive focus is placed on improving students’ job search skills during the orientation activities. Therefore, students who wish to participate in Career Services are required to prepare a resume prior to arriving on campus for new-student orientation in August. All incoming students will receive a resume guide with detailed instructions on preparing an MSF program-approved resume in the mail one month prior to new-student orientation.