The Department of Finance boasts an elite faculty with eight chairs or named professorships. Numerous studies continue to rank the Department as among the most productive of all finance research units in the world.

Finance Department faculty are outstanding teachers who deliver high-quality, challenging courses. In the classroom, practice and learning converge to create an active and engaging educational experience which will prepare students for the challenge of modern financial markets.

Publications Faculty publications in major Finance journals over the past three calendar years.

The Golder Center for Private Equity Research was established to foster a deeper understanding of private equity and entrepreneurial finance through research, education and outreach to industry and society.

The Center for Business and Public Policy provides intellectual leadership and promotes research to advance our understanding and knowledge of the effects of public policy on the economic environment in which businesses operate.

Office for Risk Management and Insurance Research The field of risk management has expanded in new directions. Over the last decade, risk management tools and techniques have been applied to financial risks within the growing area of financial risk management. More recently, strategic and operational risks have been incorporated into an overall approach termed Enterprise Risk Management.