FAQ: Student Life

What student clubs and organizations are available?
There are 900 registered student organizations on campus. One or more of them is likely to suit your individual interest. Registered Student Organizations
Are there leadership opportunities available?
Participation in clubs and organizations offer students ample opportunities to develop their leadership potential. Additionally, team work is an integral part of the program, which also affords students an opportunity to develop leadership skills. Students can also participate in consulting activities through the Illinois Business Consulting Office.
Are there social opportunities to meet faculty and students?
Finance faculty are invited to participate in all MSF activities. This allows more opportunity for interaction between you and your instructors.
What sports and recreational opportunities are available?
As a MSF student you will have plenty of recreational opportunities. Sports are a very popular pastime on campus. MSF students join in the fun by attending an Illinois football game and basketball game, including pre-game tailgate parties for the first football game and the Homecoming game. Activities such as this and others provide opportunities for socialization with fellow students, faculty, and alumni.

Campus Recreation offers students access to any sports recreation facilities they may need. The campus houses an enormous facility called ARC which boasts 4 indoor gyms, an indoor track, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, weight training facilities, and numerous courts for tennis, squash, and racquetball. Students also have access to an ice skating rink and a number of gyms, swimming pools, and tennis courts located across campus, as well as the University golf courses.

Illinois presents a rich variety of cultural programs for education and entertainment. Performance centers and theatres present the world’s finest operas, ballets, and plays, and auditoriums host popular performers of music and shows. Great museums, lectures, and presentations by the world’s top scholars enrich both the campus and the community.