Applications open for June 2019

Anthropology. Psychology. English. Urban planning. Sociology.

Degree programs like these—and more besides—develop students with passion, critical thinking skills, and unique approaches to solving new challenges.

Companies today are looking for people with these skills. Business leaders want employees like you who can think broadly and help give them an edge. In this increasingly global economy, employees who bring a global, innovative, and adaptive mindset are a plus.

Your business career is about more than simply dollars and cents. It’s about your passion. It’s teamwork, adaptability, and communication skills. It’s working together toward a common goal.

A business education to launch your career

The Master of Science in Management (MSM) program provides recent graduates like you from non-business and non-technical backgrounds with a foundation in business that will accelerate their career. (Students with backgrounds in technical fields such as engineering or mathematics should enroll in the Illinois MSTM program.) Through classroom learning in areas of finance, accounting, marketing, and operations, you will learn to successfully take on business roles at your employer of choice.

The MSM program will develop your broad-based thinking skills and help prepare you to bring the skills honed in your undergraduate major into today’s business climate.


Through the MSM curriculum, you will combine knowledge, problem-solving skills, and integrative thinking across such areas as, finance, marketing, project management, and international business. You will develop managerial skills critical to a successful career, such as leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, teamwork, communication, and ethics. Through two experiential learning courses, you will gain a deep appreciation for using business tools to creatively solve problems, make sound decisions, and formulate strategy.

With a MSM degree, you will gain the business knowledge base, skills, and capabilities that fully prepare you for a successful career.