Gies Business bringing executive education online

Most working professionals feel like they don’t have time for continuing education, but now Gies College of Business is changing the way that education is delivered. Starting this fall, Gies Business is bringing Executive Education to the fingertips of professionals who want it – through an online pilot program.

The first collection of courses launched by Executive Education via the innovative online option is called Business Essentials: Claiming, Creating, Managing, and Measuring Value. Business Essentials is a collection of four high-level online non-credit business courses addressing topics relevant to rising leaders, managers, and directors with an array of backgrounds.  targeted to provide directors, managers, and rising leaders with foundational business essentials to advance their growth and impact within their organization

Each course will include two weeks of self-paced online content, complimented once per week by a 90-minute live session all delivered by leading Gies faculty. Gies Business plans to keep the cost affordable to ensure as many people as possible can access these valuable materials. To learn more visit

“Business leaders demand access to professional education that enables them to effectively lead and transform their organizations,” said Amanda Brantner, Director of Executive Education. “This innovative delivery model brings to market relevant content taught by world-class faculty via a redefined classroom that tears down access barriers and provides consumption flexibility.”

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