2018 Subsistence Marketplaces Conference

The Seventh Subsistence Marketplaces Conference

Subsistence and Sustainability

June 22-24, 2018 | Champaign, Illinois at the I Hotel


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About the Conference

Subsistence marketplaces consist of consumer and entrepreneur communities living at a range of low income levels, and are concentrated in developing countries and regions such as Brazil, India, China, Vietnam, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally, many individuals and groups in developed countries also live in subsistence. In the last decade, the Subsistence Marketplaces Conference has been a leading forum for evolving and sharing research and fostering best practices in these communities. The subsistence marketplaces approach is unique in examining the intersection of poverty and marketplaces with a bottom-up approach that begins with micro-level understanding of life circumstances of consumers, entrepreneurs, and communities. This stream has been reflected in five biennial conferences and almost 60 refereed articles in related special journal issues, as well as in dedicated session tracks at other conferences and refereed articles in a variety of journals.

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The specific themes for this conference help to organize the broad work in the field and facilitate discussion among participants:

Sustainable Business and Consumption from the Bottom Up

The Institutional and Organizational Dimensions of Enterprises and Public Partnerships

Survival, Subsistence, and Transformative Entrepreneurship

Sustainability and Consumption from the Bottom Up

Technology and Innovation

Curricular Innovations

Transformative Consumer Research in Subsistence Marketplaces

Methodological Innovations in Subsistence Marketplaces

Lessons from Practice in Subsistence Marketplaces

Subsistence Marketplaces Across Geographies

Junior Scholar and Practitioner Mentorship

Theoretical Avenues and Open-Minded Inquiry

Intersectionality, Historical Blueprints, and Worth in Subsistence Marketplaces



Ronika Chakrabarti

Lancaster University

Paul Ingenbleek

Wageningen University

Srinivas Venugopal

University of Vermont

Conference Director

Madhu Viswanathan
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Conference Sponsors

  • Stellner Fund, College of Business, University of Illinois
  • International Programs and Studies, University of Illinois