The 2016 PMBA / EWOB trip to India

India_151_Every January, students in the Professional MBA and Entrepreneurs Without Borders visit Subsistence Marketplaces initiatives in India. This year, they visited Bangalore, along with destinations in Delhi and Kurukshetra.

Darrell Hoemann shared some of his trip experiences in the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette:

In January, I had the privilege to chaperone students on a trip to India with my wife, Kathryn Rybka, for University of Illinois Professional MBA students and undergrads participating in the Entrepreneurs Without Borders program. She teaches in the UI College of Business.India_542_
For all of us, it was a first visit to India, but the program devised by UI business Professor Madhu Viswanathan, the Diane and Steven N. Miller Centennial Chair in Business, took us off the usual path of visitors to India, enabling the students to complete research for their class projects.
Professor Viswanathan has been offering the program for a number of years, as an international immersion experience.
India_2151_As an educational business trip, we visited NGOs, businesses ranging from Microsoft’s Bangaluru research center to entrepreneurs developing products specific to the needs of the country.
The students also visited rural villages, schools and markets, interviewing village officials, school teachers and residents about their lives as they applied to the students’ research projects.
Near the end of the 14 days, the group visited the Taj Mahal and cultural points in New Delhi before returning home.


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