Our educational initiatives use the radically different context of subsistence to challenge conventional thinking and emphasize sustainable business practices. Our curricular strategy at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels is to introduce students to the topics of subsistence and sustainability early in the program and provide a capstone experience later in the program. Some teaching initiatives are listed below.

  • Sustainable Product Design & Enterprise Plan Development I & II (previously titled Sustainable Product and Market Development for Subsistence Marketplaces)
    • A year-long integrative learning experience for business, engineering, industrial design, and other students at the undergraduate (BADM 332/333) and graduate (BADM 532/533) levels
    • Innovative international immersion trip
    • Offered since Fall 2006
  • Business 101 Module
    • Organized around subsistence and sustainability for first-semester undergraduates
    • Currently taught to all incoming undergraduate students in business
    • Offered since Fall 2007
  • Sustainable Marketing/Business Enterprises
    • Currently offered to 1st year MBA students (MBA 505)
    • Piloted in Spring 2008
    • Undergraduate course piloted in 2010
    • Online course offered to undergraduates since 2011
  • Global Business Horizons
    • Piloted in 2011-12
    • Currently offered to 2nd-year Executive MBA students
  • Engineering for Global Development (ENG 198)
    • Piloted in 2012 and offered to 1st-year undergraduate engineering students for several years
    • Currently not offered
  • Coursera Worldwide Course
    • Offered twice in 2014, once in 2015
    • Now ongoing
  • Coursera and iMBA Course(s)
    • Sustainable Innovation for Subsistence Marketplaces
    • Sustainable Business Enterprises

Other Educational Opportunities