Sustainable Marketing Enterprises

At the dawn of the 21st century, business and society is confronted with a confluence of factors ranging from environmental degradation, widespread poverty, and the need for renewable sources of energy. This course begins to address these issues and engender an appreciation among our students for the challenges that lie ahead for businesses. Although the primary focus is about sustainable marketing in all contexts, the course begins with — and is informed by — insights from subsistence marketplaces where individuals find ingenious ways to reuse and conserve in order to survive. Through lectures, case discussions, guest speakers, and a course-long project, each week, we examine and critically evaluate contemporary trends in sustainable marketing business practices and discuss such topics as sustainable consumer behavior and product design. Using the realm of sustainable business practices, we address related issues of incorporating social values into business objectives, social responsibility, and the need for businesses to meet┬átriple-bottom lines relating to people, planet, and profit.Discussing virtual immersion at UIUC

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