Second Immersion Conference – Registration

Registration Rates – Form here
Academic: $500 (Students $200)
Non-academic: $800

Special rate for African residents:*
Academic: $200 (Students $50)
Non-academic: $300

How to Apply / Register

To participate in the conference, we request a two-part application and registration process. First, please complete a simple form by February 10 that asks the following:

  • An overview of your interests (research, education, social enterprise, business, government, other) as they relate to subsistence marketplaces.
  • An outline of how your topic enhances understanding of and well-being in subsistence marketplaces.
  • A description of how/why immersive experiences will help you develop deeper insights into your topic of interest.
  • Your prior experiences in subsistence marketplaces (if any). Note that prior experience in this area is not a requirement.

There will be no refunds.