Journal of Marketing Management, 2014


Fostering fair and sustainable marketing for social entrepreneurs in the context of subsistence marketplaces
Tina M. Facca-Miess and Nicholas J. C. Santos


Exploring the impact of mobile money services on marketing interactions in relation to consumer well-being in subsistence marketplaces – lessons from rural Cambodia
Jeff Fang, Roslyn Russell, and Supriya Singh


Introduction to a special section on subsistence marketplaces: moving bottom-up from marketplace insights to managerial implications
Srinivas Sridharan, Madhu Viswanathan, Raymond Benton, and Cliff Shultz


Teaching how to fish: lessons from information and communication technologies for international development
Kentaro Toyama


Strategic orientation in handicraft subsistence businesses in Oaxaca, Mexico
Luis Mendoza-Ramírez and Arcelia Toledo-López


The critical participant
Jeff B. Murray and Julie L. Ozanne


Complex services and choice criteria: an example from the life assurance market
James F. Devlin


Uddering the other: Androcentrism, ecofeminism, and the dark side of anthropomorphic marketing
Lorna Stevens, Matthew Kearney, and Pauline Maclaran


Management framework guiding strategic thinking in rapidly changing markets
David W. Cravens, Nigel F. Piercy, and Artur Baldauf