Special Issue of the Journal of Business Research, 2010


Understanding subsistence marketplaces: Toward sustainable consumption and commerce for a better world
Madhu Viswanathan, José Antonio Rosa


Low socioeconomic class and consumer complexity expectations for new product technology
Carlos A. Trujillo, Andrés Barrios, Sonia M. Camacho, José Antonio Rosa


How the poor in a developing country view business’ contribution to quality-of-life 5 years after a national economic crisis
Mark Peterson, Ahmet Ekici, David M. Hunt


Marketing to subsistence consumers: Lessons from practice
Kelly L. Weidner, José Antonio Rosa, Madhu Viswanathan


Understanding consumption and entrepreneurship in subsistence marketplaces
Madhu Viswanathan, Srinivas Sridharan, Robin Ritchie


Creating mutual value: Lessons learned from ventures serving base of the pyramid producers
Ted London, Ravi Anupindi, Sateen Sheth


Building Entrepreneurship in Subsistence Markets: Microfranchising as an Employment Incubator
Lisa Jones Christensen, Helen Parsons, Jason Fairbourne


A naturological approach to marketing exchanges: Implications for the bottom of the pyramid
Ronald Paul Hill


Making theory and practice in subsistence markets: An analytic autoethnography of MASAZI in Accra, Ghana
Benét DeBerry-Spence


Fuel-efficient stoves for Darfur: The social construction of subsistence marketplaces in post-conflict settings
Samer Abdelnour, Oana Branzei


Incentives and the growth of Oaxacan subsistence businesses
Arcelia Toledo, José de la Paz Hernández, Denis Griffin


The Village Network™: Partnership and collaboration to alleviate poverty in subsistence marketplaces
Krista Crawford-Mathis, Stephen Darr, Amy Farmer


Understanding factors that influence purchases in subsistence markets
Tendai Chikweche, Richard Fletcher


Strategic motivations and choice in subsistence markets
Raed Elaydi, Charles Harrison