Special Issue of the Journal of Business Research, 2012


From impactful research to sustainable innovations for subsistence marketplaces
Cheryl Nakata, Madhubalan Viswanathan


Defining success in subsistence businesses
Arcelia Toledo-López, René Díaz-Pichardo, Julio C. Jiménez-Castañeda, Patricia S. Sánchez-Medina


African microentrepreneurship: The reality of everyday challenges
Benet DeBerry-Spence, Esi Abbam Elliot


Effects of pictorial product-warnings on low-literate consumers
Haeran Jae, Madhubalan Viswanathan


Studying low-literate consumers through experimental methods: Implications for subsistence marketplaces
Roland Gau, Haeran Jae, Madhubalan Viswanathan


Overcoming institutional distance: Expansion to base-of-the-pyramid markets
Sofie Van den waeyenberg, Luc Hens


New perspectives on learning and innovation in cross-sector collaborations
Matthew Murphy, Francois Perrot, Miguel Rivera-Santos


Social alliances: Business and social enterprise collaboration for social transformation
Sema Sakarya, Muzaffer Bodur, Özlem Yildirim-Öktem, Nisan Selekler-Göksen


Bridging the institutional divide: Partnerships in subsistence markets
Miguel Rivera-Santos, Carlos Rufín, Ans Kolk


Stakeholder engagement: Building participatory and deliberative spaces in subsistence markets
Canan Corus, Julie L. Ozanne


Business development and marketing within communities of social service clients
James M. Mandiberg, Richard Warner


Cultivating terroir in subsistence markets: Development of terroir strategy through harmony-with-community framework
Raed Elaydi, Josetta McLaughlin