Movie-Based Educational Exercises


Shakti Rising evolved out of conversations between Madura Microfinance — a non-banking finance company operating across Tamil Nadu, India, that provides small loans to 400,000 rural women along with products that expand market access — and Usha Rajeswari, a documentary filmmaker. Madura pushed on with the concept of a business training film, teaming up with the Marketplace Literacy Project and using research developed through the Subsistence Marketplaces Initiative. Working on the one hand with women whose lives inspired the film, and on the other hand with Madhu and his team, Rajeshewari wove a story and script that captured the essence of the messages of entrepreneurship. The name Shakti Pirakkudhu means, in the Tamil language, “a new strength is born.” In English this has been translated as Shakti Rising. The movie has received an Honorable Mention at the Los Angeles Movie Awards.

The movie has been used as a basis for educational exercises about subsistence marketplaces. Educators seeking permission to use the movie for educational purposes can email this address and cc Madhu Viswanathan providing a description of how they plan to use the movie. The movie is being shown at some academic settings. DVDs are set to be released in the open market and a limited number of pre-release DVDs are available for distribution for educational purposes. Educators are requested to regularly post information about how they are using the movie by emailing Madhu Viswanathan.