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UIUC presentation by Sun Oven founder Paul MunsenSustainable Product and Market Development for Subsistence Marketplaces (BADM 395/396 and 532/533)

Sustainable Marketing Enterprises (MBA 505)

Engineering for Global Development (ENG 198)

Coursera Worldwide Course on Subsistence Marketplaces

John Hedeman International Immersion Experience

Sustainability Certificate

Resources for independent study

Entrepreneurs Without Borders

EWOB trip to Argentina, 2015Entrepreneurs Without Borders (EWOB) focuses on being entrepreneurial and enabling entrepreneurship in subsistence marketplaces around the world. These two core elements capture the goals of developing students for global challenges of the 21st century in serving impoverished communities.

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Service Learning

Students teaching marketplace literacy in UgandaWe offer a number of service-learning opportunities to students, including members of registered student organizations. Our work includes providing learning experiences that enable understanding of subsistence marketplaces and designing solutions through social enterprises, teaching marketplace literacy, and training for designing international immersion experiences and conducting field research.

Video – Opportunities for service learning via the Marketplace Literacy Project

More information about teaching opportunities and related readings can be found on the Resources for Instructors page.