Special Issue: Subsistence Marketplaces, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 2015

Subsistence Marketplaces: Looking Back, Looking Forward
Madhubalan Viswanathan and Srinivas Venugopal


Consumption Constraints and Entrepreneurial Intentions in Subsistence Marketplaces
Srinivas Venugopal, Madhubalan Viswanathan and Kiju Jung


Understanding the Dynamics Between Social Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Growth in Subsistence Marketplaces
Fara Azmat, Ahmed Shahriar Ferdous and Paul Couchman


The Contextual Value of Social Capital for Subsistence Entrepreneur Mobility
Andrés Barrios and Christopher P. Blocker


Cross-Sector Collaboration, Institutional Gaps, and Fragility: The Role of Social Innovation Partnerships in a Conflict-Affected Region
Ans Kolk and François Lenfant

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